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Why are Umaira Ahmad’s novel-based-dramas such a hit?

If the answer had to be in one word, it would be, ‘Dialogues!’

Her dialogues are so perfect and apparently spontaneous that one can’t help smiling and wondering about the meaning behind them.

A few examples of dialogues from episode 24 of Zindagi Gulzar Hai would drive my point home.

“Aik sawal puchoon?” asks Kashaf.

“Yeh jo tum puchne se pehle puchti ho, is se mujhe bara dar lgta hai” responds Zaroon flippantly.

“Perfect kya hota hai? Paisa, Bangla, Gari?!

Kashaf, Pefect zindagi wo hoti hai, jis main khushyan hon.” Zaroon explains how his apparently-perfect-looking-life was not so perfect!

“Kashaf, main shohar hun tumhara, puch bhi nai sakta kya?” Zaroon asking about the loan that Kashaf had taken from her office.

“Aur main biwi hun, tu kya iska yeh matlab keh main apni marzi se kuch nai kar sakti?” counters Kashaf.

“Har paida honay walay bachay ke sath aik poda laga dena chahye taake uski oxygen ka intezaam hojaye! These plants are the life insurance policy.” Zaroon tells Kashaf when she inquires about his new-found interest in gardening.

You see, what I mean? Offhand yet deep discourse!

Anyhow, coming back to the story unfolding in this mega-hit drama (being aired on Hum TV), we see that misunderstandings are developing between the couple. Zaroon is reading Kashaf’s mail and text messages. A typical male chauvinist would find no fault in this behavior because he believes he has this much right over his wife. And that’s exactly how Zaroon feels. However he realizes his mistake soon and apologizes duly. Only to repeat the mistake later! Well, that’s male chauvinist for you! Lol

Moreover, we see that Kashaf is still haunted by the ghosts of her past. She’s afraid of the consequences of having twin girls! Even though she knows that her husband and in-laws are not as conservative as her own father (who married again only because he had no son from his first wife), still she can’t help being apprehensive. Time and again, she tries to gauge Zaroon’s reaction about having baby girls instead of boys!

Sometimes, one really feels pity for her! Nevertheless, I think this drama has done a pretty good job about teaching a lesson to all those bigots out there who feel that boys are better than girls. Look how Hammad turned out to be?! Murtaza (Kashaf’s father) rightly regrets his second marriage for a son when he compares his intelligent and successful daughters to the worthless son! That’s when he realizes that it’s not the gender that decides a bright future life rather the morals and values do so.

But who would’ve thought that Asmara would turn out to be the reason for the separation between Zaroon and Kashaf? (Well, judging from the preview of episode 25, I think the couple is going to separate, for the time being at least).

Maybe, Kashaf is being too hasty about this decision of hers because Zaroon is so obviously in love with her. All those red roses, lovey dovey conversations and many small things he does and says are proof enough. So if he’s still friends with his ex-fiancé, does that mean he’s betraying his wife? No, it doesn’t. It’s the jealous-wife-syndrome kicking in. Just like Zaroon’s jealous-husband-self was roaring when he found out that Usama had proposed Kashaf before he did.

Seriously, guys get a life! And grow up!