Hey girl look I have made this coiling card for your birthday!

Yeahh! Now I know how to make steam engine model for my project!

I don’t have money for doing computer course but it’s really very important for me, what should I do??

I want to watch news but TV is not in my access in this mall…

How I can get web traffic for my business??

Mom is not at home how can I cook rice for myself??

Whenever someone asked me such questions 3 years ago I had had an answer for all of them. Yes! “YouTube” was there. But Pakistani government blocked YouTube on 17 September 2012 due to the Blasphemous content which was available on it and Google was not removing it even after the huge protest of Muslim community.

2This act was highly condemned and PTA hired software engineers in order to block this blasphemous content banned YouTube in Pakistan. As other video sharing platforms like Dailymotion, Tune.pk are dependent on YouTube in some way or the other so this ban has affected many people in Pakistan. There are following reasons due to which I am in a view that the ban on YouTube should be lifted soon.


Learning something from video is just like a real classroom. Video tutorials are the substitute of tuition which provide an easy way especially for poor students.


YouTube has high traffic volume. About 60 million people are accessing it every day. YouTube provides best opportunities to business community to get right customers so that they can prosper their business by simply uploading their video on YouTube.


YouTube has viral market and this is a best platform to get an audience. Media Marketing has great opportunities in the country to spread their news worldwide via YouTube.

Cottage industry:

YouTube has also played a serviceable role in cottage industry methods for gardening, stitching trends, animal care tips all are freely and easily available but now people are purchasing books for it.

Home & Entertainment:

As YouTube is available all over the world so your cooking recipes, color combination suggestions, dress designs and all types of beneficial data is available on YouTube but we can’t access them in Pakistan without proxy.

According to my views this case is like traveling on a hustling road but we usually don’t stop our travel. Instead we try to follow the cautions and traffic rules. Similarly, the government should take steps to eliminate pugnacious data from YouTube instead of banning it.