Scarves are an essential part of dressing in winters to cover and protect from it and it is easy to carry for girls and women. Wearing of scarves is now a fashion among the girls and women. Scarves are launched in different designs for every age by designers and some different brands specially for winters.

Different brands like Gull Ahmad, Musamary, Ansari, Shanaya, Classic and Firddos have launched their collection of winter scarves. Scarves now a days are used not only for fashion but also to cover ourselves from the winter season. Different scarves designs are available in every market. Scarves are also consider as a part of winter accessories. They are worn in different styles to provide a different look. The scarves can easily suit with simple dresses, jeans, t-shirts and cock tail dresses. Now winter season is on so, the scarves are in full force.


Next step in wearing of scarves is the selection of color that match and suit your dress perfectly. Colors which suit with every dress are mostly light, soft and bright. These days scarves should be soft and should be in unique design. Scarves are used for fashion as well for looking stylish.

Designers have launched their winter collection of scarves for girls and women and they perfect with coats, night events, jeans and shirts. There are many styles to wear the scarves with different dresses. Some girls wear scarves to cover their heads, some only for fashion while some for change in looks.

Now in this article we presents different styles of Winter Collection of Scarves 2014 for girls and women. These are the collection from some of the best designers and brands. You can scroll through the list of images and select the style which goes best with your look for this winter.