A scarf, also known as muffler, stole or neck rap is a type of fabric that is worn around the neck or head to depict fashion, some religious ritual or to keep oneself warm. Whenever the winter season comes, everyone wants to wear scarf and stoles of different colors.  Scarf and mufflers add design, class and style to your clothing and can take your look to completely a new level. So, considering this chilling winters, in our today’s post we will show you the Winter Collection of Scarfs and Mufflers 2014. At the same time we will be telling you some important things related to these scarfs and mufflers.


How to Choose a Scarf?

The first thing is to choose the right color of scarfs or mufflers that go with your dress. Girls mostly want to wear stoles of different styles and designs.  Bright colors suits your personality well than the light colors. Hence, choose bright colors in your scarves that go with your dresses.

Texture of the Scarf:

Next comes the texture of the scarfs and mufflers. Generally, no particular texture of scarf is defined, but whenever you go to buy a scarf keep in mind that it is neither too heavy nor too light. It should be appropriate and have some cool texture to protect you from cold. One should always prefer comfort over style.

How to Wear the Scarf?

Now we come to most important part i.e. the innovative method of wearing a scarf and stole. This is very exciting part and there are various methods that you can try. The most traditional way is to cover it around your neck. Another creative way to wear it as a head band like a bandanna. Furthermore you can tie its ends and add the beauty or elegance to it.

In short, scarfs and mufflers are not only being used for the religious purpose but they also worn to look good , stylish and fashionable. I hope this will help you to choose and wear a scarf.