A lot of people are asking about the 8 Mbps PTCL Capped Blockbuster package which was just launched minutes ago. So, we thought it will be a good practice to let everyone know what is really meant by the word capped?


Till 1st, Jan 2015 there is no limit on the downloads of all 8 Mbps pacakge subscribers. Which means you can download as much as you want. This is being done to make this package famous. Right from 1st Jan 2015 there will be a 100GB download per month limit on this package. But it is fine why?

What is capped 8 Mbps PTCL Broadband package?

The capped PTCL Broadband package means, when you cross the limit of 100GB after 1st Jan, 2015 then you will be charged 100 PKR for each GB. These charges will continue until you keep downloading and your bill reaches 7,000 PKR in total. There at 7,000 PKR your 8Mbps package will become equal to the original 8Mbps package with no limits and now more downloads from your side at that time will be free.

Before 1st Jan, 2015

  • Unlimited Download

After 1st Jan, 2015

  • 8Mbps Blockbuster package with 100 GB @ Rs. 2,999 per month.
  • When download exceeds 100Gb then each GB will be charged at 100 PKR
  • When your bill amount becomes 7,000 PKR then your downloads will become free after that. True unlimited 8Mbps package will start here. Which means you 8Mbps package is capped with 7,000 PKR max bill after 100GB downloads starting from 1st Jan 2015.