Memory is important for our life and everyone is endowed with different amount of memory. A strong memory depends

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upon health of our body and brain. Our brain never loses its memory it works like computer to store data in it. But some people complaints about bad memory that they forgot what they learn. But the key factor is that they do not practice retrieving the information A2050-724 to improve their memory.   However some important ways to improve memory and mental performance are discussed here

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in this article:

Do physical exercise

When you are exercising your body in fact you are A2060-218 exercising your brain. You are trying to improve your memory. Physical exercise increase oxygen to our brain and risk of disorders that lead to memory loss as well as

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recalling your pat event while exercising will improve our memory.

Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

Human are social animals and interacting with our family and friend will improve as memory because we are exercising our brains during discussion and socialize people have boosted memory and solitary people.

Avoid Stress Completely

Try to avoid stress because stress damages the area of brain which are involved in formation of memory and brain cells also so avoid stress and live happily.

Exercise Your Brain with Some Work

Brain is composed of complex neuronal pathways that will process information in seconds. So exercise your brain with familiar problems, solve tasks which require mental effort and expands your knowledge it will improve your memory.

Use Mnemonics Devices to Improve Your Memory

Mnemonics are clues that help us remembering information. Use Mnemonic devices like visual images, acronyms, rhymes and acronyms to improve your memory.

Pay Attention to Your Work and Rehearse Information

Pay attention to your work and review what you have learned already to improve your memory.

Eat Brain Booster Diet to Improve Memory:

To improve memory, eat brain booster diet. Brain booster diet include diet rich in omega 3 like fish and seafood, diet rich in vitamins like vegetables and fruits. In short above recommended tips help us to improve our memory and make our mind sharp.