Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

Wedding is one of the mem0rable  day when each bridal want to look awesome, beautiful and gorgeous. It s a dream of bridal to look as a princess on her wedding day. For this she prepares each and every thing perfect. To make her dreams true she she take care of her dress as well as her look. How much she will be looking fresh her dress will also be looking shiny and bright as well. For her perfect look she starts preparation one week earlier the wedding. So, in  all these thing how can one forget about her hair. Specially when the hair should long. Long and heavy hair can create problem. To set them in a pattern its little tricky. Brides often get worry about it. This post is specially for the brides who have long hair. We will discuss Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyle for long hair. How can you make a beautiful waterfall braid.

waterfall braid

  1. Part hair on it’s natural side.
  2. Take a small piece of hair and divide into three section.
  3. Make braid like french for 2-3 inches. This will protect the “waterfall”and make sure that it could not fall in  your face.
  4. After you have made the French braid for a few inches, drop the upper section of your braid. It will be ok if it fall.
  5. Take up a new section of hair from directly behind you have dropped the upper piece. This new piece will act as a new section of the French braid.
  6. Stay moving around the head. Keep in mind, every time you grab a section of your hair from the upper part of your head to add to the braid, it will be ok if it fall and replace it with a new section.
  7. On reaching the other side of your head, safe the end of the braid with Bobbi pins.

waterfall braid

Here is your waterfall braid wedding hairstyle for long hair.Its a little tricky but practice can make it perfect.

Braid Braid Braid

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