February is celebrated as a month of romance and love. The Valentines day is honored on February 14th. The history of Valentines is still obscure but the origin of this day for the expression of love is not really romance at least not in the sense of tradition. This day dates back its tradition since ancient Romans. It is said that the Valentines day is celebrated in the memory of St.Valentines who was the Roman priest at the time. There was a emperor of the church called Claudius. He prohibited the marriages of young people. He thought that the unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, as they might be scared about the fact that what would happen to their wives and children after them.Valentines was caught and imprisoned for performing marriage ceremony against the order of emperor Claudius. A man called Asterius was in the line of judgement in the Roman law had a blind daughter. Valentines fell in love with that her, and the story of love began. When Valentines was sentenced he wrote his last words to Asterius’ daughter that said in the end ‘FROM YOUR VALENTINES’.

Since then on every 14th February the love ones exchange candies, chocolates, gifts and flowers with each other all over the world. In early 17 century this day was just common for friends and lovers which exchanges handwritten notes but in 19 century due to technology written notes were replaced with printed greeting cards. It is quite quite easy and speedy to exchange theses cards with your love ones. Cheaper postage packages increased an ease in sending valentines gifts. Approximately 1 billion greeting cards were sent each year. Women are found purchasing gifts for their valentines and so are the boys.

Not only greeting cards there are number variety of gifts of this occasion. People spent a lot of money for their lovers gift to make their day more special.

If Valentines were here today he would say to the married couples that in love there comes a time when you have to suffer. It would be easy to fulfill your promises and commitments. The thing is to have patience in your behavior. Humans are blessed by God when it comes to love. This is what Valentines Day is all about.