We celebrate many days but there is a day which is celebrated by the lovers in all around the world. “Valentines Day”. We are very much familiar with this day. It is a day when lovers meet together and give gifts to each other to express their love. Every one is trying his best to give the gifts to his valentine which become a memorable for his love ones. Though love is not dependent for gifts but it’s a good trend to keep the heart happy. In this article we’ll discuss about the gifts which are mostly given on the valentines day. We should start with the flowers.


A  bouquet of Flower should be given of red roses. If you want to add more color in it then add white roses with the red ones. It is a worth gift along with a smile.

Chocolates and Teddy bear

A box of chocolates with a teddy bear is a memorable gift among youngsters. It drops a descent impact on mind and heart.

Designer Jewelry

You can give to your loved ones  a designer ring, heart made ear rings or a heart shape pendent with a red stone.

Electronic Gadgets

There are some electronic gadgets for male lovers which female can give to them.


For females from their male partners make up, a cute top or a big heart candy and gift basket is very valuable.

Cakes and Cookies

On this event there is a mob on bakeries. Special cakes and heart made cookies are made on valentine’s day. Even the cakes are made according to demand on special order. On valentine’s day it is a very sweet gift for your valentine.

Home Made Baskets and Cards

Giving a homemade gift is a great effort by the person who is giving gift to his love. It shows your love for someone very special.

So, these are some valentines day gifts discuss by us. Hope your up coming valentine day will be an event which you will cherish for life.