I am revealing a great news for the WWE fans that the WWE World heavyweight Champion Undertaker Embrace Islam. In his last interview he verified the fact that he converted to Islam. He Believes in Allah Almighty. Undertaker claims that he has got a new life after embracing to the new religion. This is indeed a great news for Muslims which clearly shows that the revolution has begun and many people from the west have started embracing Islam. In another post, recently, we have revealed A Girl Telling Amazing Story of Converting To Islam. She also explains the same story and I guess Undertaker will also share a similar experience.

Undertaker embraced Islam during the month of Ramazan and his new name is Mohammad Ismail. But it has raised many questions. Like what will his future be in wrestling? Will he continue to fight? Or will the officials of WWE will allow him to fight? Will there be a change of attitude from his wrestling fans?

So if your one of his fans then we will like to know your views and predictions in this matter. Comment and share this story story among your friends to spread the power of Islam.

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