Internet is the basic necessity of the present day era. Ufone internet packages are the best and cheapest among all other inter packages that are offered by other cellular networks of Pakistan. All the ufone internet packages are designed according the basic and required necessities of customers that can serve them in the best possible ways. Customers can enjoy the internet packages i.e. prepaid as well as the postpaid internet packages offered by the uprising already very successful network of Pakistan which is ufone. By accessing to the ufone internet packages, you will be able to send emails to your contacts. The whole internet world will be in your pocket. Along with it, you can also connect to the various social media sites. Need not to miss the buzz!

 Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone also provides the benefit to its customers that the internet activation is absolutely free of charge for each and every one Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. Here we have tried our level best to provide the complete set of ufone internet package which can be accessed by the customers just on a single sms.

1. *Special Daily Mobile Internet Package 75MB per Day at Rs.4.99/- Inclusive of Tax (01:00 AM to 09:00 PM)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 810

2. Hourly Internet Package Unlimited Rs. 15 per hour Inclusive of Tax (Unlimited)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 806

3. Daily Internet Package* 50MB per Day Rs. 10/-Inclusive of Tax (24 Hours)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 804

4. Endless Internet Monthly Bucket Unlimited Rs.30/- Inclusive of Tax (02:00 AM to 09:00 AM)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 7813

5. Prepaid Mobile Internet 5 5 MB Rs. 50 Inclusive of Tax (15 Days)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 801

6. Prepaid Mobile Internet 30 30 MB Rs. 150 Inclusive of Tax (30 Days)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 802

7. Prepaid Mobile Internet 2 GB Rs. 200 Inclusive of Tax (30 Days)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 7807

8. Prepaid Mobile Internet Unlimited 6 GB Rs. 500 Inclusive of Tax (30 Days)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 803

9. Postpaid Mobile Internet Unlimited Unlimited** Rs. 500/- (30 Days)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 805

10. Postpaid 2GB monthly Internet Data Bucket 2GB Rs. 200/- (30 Days)
Activation SMS Shortcode: 4547
* Auto renewal after 24 hours.
** Fair usage policy of 6 GB apply on Postpaid Mobile Internet package.