The wedding bands and engagement ring you chose will be one of the most important part of your wedding day. Not only are they important element of getting married, but they are long lasting symbol of love and commitment. Therefore you will want to choose the wedding ring that is timeless and high quality. We are making your job easy by showing you a list of some Top Wedding Rings Designs 2014.bridal ring

No other jewelry item says “love” more powerful than a diamond. It’s a symbol of love, romance and commitment. The Greeks believed that the fire of diamond reflected the constant flame of love, for Indians they were a good luck charm and mostly thought they were just a stone. But the most important thing for the bride on her wedding day, is the love which never be explain in words. Woman feel happy and contended if they get a diamond ring on her wedding.

It’s more important when you choose a wedding ring that it reflect’s the wearer’s taste and personality. Women also want a unique style in rings. So this list will cater the women having all kinds of taste in ring

Wedding Rings Designs

So what is today’s style for wedding rings? Wedding rings comes in all sizes, designs and styles. There are so many designs that are as unique as you are. Some of the latest designs for weeding rings are bold, feminine and art decor influenced. Geometric, art decor shapes are in the diamond circle. Some are wide “bands” style engagement rings which shows feminine touch, some are symmetrical or unusual which is include in cut diamonds such as princess cut. Colored diamonds like fancy yellow, chocolate brown are also common and popular in women who actually want a color in their lives. Some are mixing round diamond with fancy shapes. The use of open-air space within a light ring design which shows the light, airy, modern look.diamond

ringblue stone ringdesigning ringringringgold ringringAt the end I’ll prefer diamond rings are a great choice as they are a timeless and complement any outfit or jewelry. So be careful in choosing a ring for wedding and engagement and make sure you choose that one which appeals and suits you.