After reading the list of richest people of Pakistan you will get to know that much about Pakistan and its people.

Mian Muhammad Mansha


Mian Mansha Broadsword

Everyone expecting someone else’s name to rank this list but Mian Muhammad Mansha is considered to be the richest man in Pakistan. He is the Owner of Muslim Commercial Bank and 40 companies. It is said that his total assets are of 2.5 billion dollars, which is a significant amount. His friends and close associates say that Mian Muhammad Mansha don’t boast his economic power and is very humble.

Asif Ali Zardari



A well-known political figure, chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, husband of X-Prime minister Benazir Bhutto and Ex-President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari is at the 2nd position and the value of their assets is about 1.8 billion dollars. Most of his assets are abroad and in Pakistan he has a number of Sugar mills and is also a landlord.

Anwar Pervaize



At 3rd position is Sir Anwar Pervaize and his assets’ value is more than 1.5 billion dollars. He is also chairman of Bestway Company which was started in 1976 and owner of more than 50 Cash and Carry. He is well known at international market for his business partnerships.

Nawaz Shareef and Shahbaz Shareef


nawaz-sharif-shahbaz-sharif-2009-2-27-13-33-13Muslim League N’s, Nawaz Shareef and Shahbaz Shareef are at 4th position in this list.  Their assets’ value is 1.4 billion dollar. They mainly belong to a  business family. Also they have a large number of assets abroad.

Sadar Aladin Hashwani



Sadar Aladin Hashwani, bearing the 5th position is the owner of Hotels, Minerals, Insurance companies, Engineering Technologies, Information Technologies and some successful business companies having total assets value of 1.1 billion dollars.

Nasir Schon & Family



Owner of Schon Group of Companies, Nasir Schon & Family takes the 6th position with the assets of 1 billion dollars.

Abdul Razaq Yakoob



Following the Schon Family, is Abdul Razaq Yakoob chairman of A.R.O Group of Company with the total assets of 1 billion dollars at 7th position among this list.

Rafique Habib and Rasheed Habib

habib rafique


At number 8, is Rafique Habib and Rasheed Habib with the assets of 72 million dollars. He has more than 100 in all over the world. The settlement condition of this family can be estimated that they had aided the Pakistan Government with 8 million rupees in 1948.

Mr.  Farooq


Sir Farooq, Ex-Chairman of LDA in Sindh province, having assets of 40 million dollars is on number 9 and he is a successful businessman.

Mr. Imran


At number 10, a successful businessman, owner of many Gyms, Tennis Courts and Swimming Pools. Mr. Imran never disclosed his personal identity for some personal reasons.