The 10 rich most Arabs in the world help to grow their country in the economic field. They have achieved success in their profession. Their success is in different types of fields like construction and industries, banking and finance and energy sector. These personalities are honorable for us because someone said:

Beauty gets the attention and personality gets the heart.

top rich list in arabe

Rank 1:

Leading the list is HRH prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Al Saud. He is the owner of banking and finance company. Last year wealth of  Prince Alwaleed was calculated as 21.30bn.

firs rich person in the abrabe

Prince  rapid rise in the price of KHC stock means that the Prince’s 95 percent stake in the Company, together with his private assets, which include real estate and other local, regional and international assets, and Rotana, which is 80 percent owned by the Prince, now bring his total wealth to $25.9bn. It also places the prince in pole position for the eighth year in succession.

Rank 2:

the second rich women int in arabe

She is also the owner of Olayan group. This Olayan Group owns more than 50 companies which was established in 1947. The Olayan Group originally began as a trucking concern. Its multi-billion-dollar portfolio is spreading over continents including  North America, Europe, Asia and, of course, the Middle East.

Rank 3:

 3rd largets personality in the arabe

He is the largest foreign investor in both Sweden and Ethiopia. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from the Addis Ababa University and has been honored with the Order of the Polar Star by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. There’s no sign of 67-year-old Mohammed Al Amoudi letting up only this October he signed a deal with an Italian firm to build an $800m steel factory in Ethiopia.

Rank 4:

4rth rich personality in the arabe

Issam Alzahid is the chairman of the Alzahid Group of Companies. It started in 1951 under the banner of Alzahid Construction, when it had a small share in smaller-scale planning of roads and other city infrastructure. Later, it was given the contract to build the kingdom’s first coast guard stations. By 1958 the company was in full boom, building everything from bridges to tunnels and flyovers.

Rank 5:

5th rich personality in the arabe

Two years before the death of the head of the Kharafi family, Nasser Al Kharafi, Kuwait’s biggest private business was growing very strong. Nasser Al Kharafi’s younger brother, Mohannad, took the reins of the firm alongside Jassim, Nasser, Fawzi and other family members. Established in 1956, MA Kharafi and Sons is one of the largest company of its kind in the world, and has operations in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Tanzania, Botswana, Cairo, Kenya, the Maldives, Abu Dhabi and Albania.

Rank 6:

6th rich personality in arabe

The family’s luck was based on a construction business that paid them immensely decades ago when it was awarded with contracts for major renovations at Mecca and other religious buildings in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Founded by Mohammed Binladin, the family also built several palaces in Riyadh and Jeddah for the royal family and carried out restoration work following an arson attack on Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa Mosque in 1969.

Rank 7:

7th rich family or the arabe

Bukhamseen Group was launched half a century ago based on the vision of one man, Jawad Ahmed Bukhamseen. He founded the Jawad Bukhamseen Commercial Corporation in 1957, and under his able leadership the company grew and excelled immensely, ultimately ranking in status from a small family business to a massive institution with interests across several economic sectors.

Rank 8:

8th rich family in the arabe

Another year, and the results keep piling up for the Bugshans. Whether it’s projects, pipes or Pepsi, the Saudi family seems to have a hand in most industries. Based in Jeddah, they are associated with a plethora of business sectors, including automobiles, luxury cosmetics and watches, real estate and electronics.

Rank 9:

9th rich family in arabe

Rank 10:

10 rich personality in the arabe

Born in Safad, Palestine, Khoury moved to Lebanon in 1948 after the Arab-Israeli war and got his first job to build Tripoli Airport. He is now based in Athens. CCC has built landmark projects in everything from Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison (built in 1969, before the ascent of Saddam Hussein to the presidency of the country), to the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC.