Life can be more beautiful if you are a happy couple. Allah has created men and women for each other to make them happy, provide them with ease and comfort and also be a shelter for each other.

Best Couple

Islam has given the concept of marriage which is actually a contract between two partners. These two partners have rights and duties towards each other and this relationship can be sweeter if affection, care, understanding and trust exist between two. There are many ways how these couples can make their spouse happy and comfortable towards them which will lead towards a  peaceful  and happy life.

As Quran Pak says:

And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts. Undoubtedly in these are signs for those who reflect. [Noble Quran 30:21]

This verse greatly signifies the importance of marriage but now the question is how can this marriage be successful and how can you be the happiest couple in the world.

There are couples who even after so many years being together are not satisfied and enough for each other. Some tips which can be followed to be the happiest couple are:

Start your day by greeting your partner in good mood. This will leave a good sense of feeling for both partners.


You should have good understanding with your life partner. If both partners are easy going and understanding level is high, it will be a blessing for both partners.


Be the best friend for your partner. Having your partner as your best friend can add more sweetness and love to your relationship. Because having a best friend in your heart is the best part of a lovely relationship.


Your partner needs your attention so try to give him or her time and care. When your partner wants to talk with you, listen with patience. Communication is the most satisfying part of any relationship. If your partner has any problem, be there to handle it and be the one to be called first. This will give sense of depth to your relationship.


Trust is the most important thing for the success of any relationship specially marriage. Give the sense of trust to your partner and do such things which avoid confusions and do not give any reason to your partner to doubt your loyalty.

Gifts and surprises:

Make a habit of giving gifts and surprises to your spouse on birthdays, wedding anniversaries and at all small and big occasions to give a good feel.

Husband can bring flowers or bouquet for her wife on way back to home with gap of days and wife can give him surprises by decorating room on special occasions.

She can also make him feel good by waiting for him from his work. She can wear good and clean dress and get ready for him.

bring Flowers or Gifts

Task completion:

Try to help in completing tasks of each other especially when one is sick or sad.

Sense of humor:

Try to add sense of humor in yourself to be a good company for your spouse.


The most blissful couple tends to be more generous and polite to each other.


Small fights also figure out things. Arguing can be healthy. Happy couples often fights. Those who do not fight are actually avoiding conversation. Fight is something which shows expectation and expectations are only from those people who are your dear ones.

Interesting activities:

Find interesting activities you both enjoy. Like make habit of hangouts together on weekends specially, go for a movie, to a park or any restaurant for lunch or dinner together.


All the world is feel of love when there is love at home.

Make a habit of realizing your partner fluently that you love him\her and you need him\her so much.

Showing Love

Be Positive:

Always try to think positive about your partner. When two people live together they may like or dislike habits or talk of each other, so try to think positive about your spouse. Try to ignore small things.


Allow your partner to make friends. This will create a sense of freedom and will release you from some pressure of being Mr. or Mrs. everything. Because in case when you have your partner your only friend you want 24 hours attention which is not feasible specially in this fast age. So diversion is needed otherwise it will create a kind of depression or frustration in your partner’s life.

To be attractive:

Most of the mates lose interest in being looking attractive as the time pass on. You should be charming and attractive ever to keep the interest of your partner in you.

Respect to family:

If you show respect and love to your partner’s family, it will make you both closer.

These things can be helpful in enjoying successful and happy married life and one could become successful spouse by following them.