We mostly use the word “glowing skin” to represent beauty.  It is not about having fair complexion but it is about having your natural complexion giving a glow or shine with smooth and fresh skin.

As the competition in every aspect of life is increasing, fashion and beauty are also on the same pace. Everyone wants to have glowing skin to add to her beauty but no one has time as humans are working like machines, without stopping, without being tired. It is not so difficult to have glowing skin. When you give your time to your daily duties, to study, to job and fulfilling all your responsibilities, you should also manage some of your time to take care of yourself and to groom yourself.

It is very easy to have glowing skin by:

  1. The intake of perfect diet,
  2. Proper intake of water,
  3. Having exercise daily,
  4. Happiness,
  5. Following some home-made beauty tutorials

1: Proper Diet:

Diet plays most significant role in glowing your skin naturally. If you take healthy diet, it not only keeps you healthy but also gives you smooth, healthy, fresh and glowing skin. Healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, dry fruits like walnuts, yogurt and fish. For a proper diet plan, you can also consult a nutritionist or diet specialist.



Fruits are the best gift provided by Allah Almighty. For a glowing skin, intake of fruits is very necessary. Fruits can be called the best medicine for skin. Fruits can be eaten directly or can be taken in form of juice. A glass of juice per day serves to be the best. It gives you a fair complexion and fresh skin. It is a well-known famous saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. If you take an apple with a cup of milk in morning, it is the perfect breakfast.

eating apple

Fruits which are best suited for glowing skin are banana, orange, apple, papaya, mango and lemon.

Fruits are important for your health and they also leave long lasting effects of beautiful and naturally glowing skin.

fruit and vegetable


Vegetables which can add a glow to your skin are spinach (which makes your eyes sparkling), tomatoes turmeric and ginger.

fruits and vegetables

2: Proper intake of Water:

Intake of water is very necessary for fresh and glowing skin. As human body consists of 80% of water, we need to drink water as much as possible. We should drink atleast 8 glass of water per day. If you make a habit of carrying a bottle full of water in your bag, you would definitely drink it. It will also add a glow to your skin if your intake of water is enough. It will avoid dehydration and thus your skin will not become dull and dry. If you do not like to drink plain water, you can take fresh lime as addition of lemon in water will serve to give a glow to your skin.


3: Exercise:

Regular exercise and morning walk are also very necessary both for health as well as smooth and glowing skin. Because it makes circulation of blood fast and leaves a natural glow on your face.


If this morning walk is in a park, it will also be good for your eyes.

morning walk

4: Happiness:

Happiness is also a factor which contributes for glowing skin. So try to live each and every moment of life with joy and enjoy life to the fullest as it is the best gift of ALLAH to us. Make yourself happy and others happy.

There is a famous quote by Gretchen Rubin:

“Look for happiness under your own roof”.

and it is very true that happiness exists all around you, but difference is only to what extent you feel it and try to be happy. Indulge yourself into the activities which give you happiness. Like if you feel happiness in outing, go for hangouts with your friends or family atleast once a week.


Make a habit to laugh atleast 5 minutes a day whenever you are alone, it will provide you with an energy and good health.

5: Sleep:

If you take proper sleep, you will become healthy and your skin will glow.

proper sleep

6: Take care of your skin:

If you take proper care of your skin on regular basis, it will enhance glow on your face. Now the question is how you can do this. It is very easy. Just follow few tips:

Whenever you come from outside, take a bath or atleast wash your face and neck with a soap or any best face wash.

Whenever you wash your face, make a habit to sprinkle rose water on your face to have long-lasting glowing skin.

At night, before you go to sleep:

  • Wash your face;
  • Do cleansing with any cleanser as it will remove dust particles from the pores of your skin:
  • Apply toner as it will close the pores of your skin;
  • Do a massage for 2-3 minutes with any massage cream; and than
  • Apply any moisturizer.

If you apply all these steps on every night regularly before sleep, you will feel the difference in few days.

cleanser, toner, mostirizer

         If you want to have more fast and perfect results, make a mixture of yogurt, gram flour, turmeric, few drops of olive oil and few drops of rose water. Apply this mixture on your face and neck and then leave for 15 minutes. Wash it with warm water. It will give a glow and beautify your skin.

So you feel how easy it is to maintain a glow on your face and to beautify your skin naturally? What do you think about it? Did you find it beneficial for you or not?