The lamp in your living room is a complete depiction of your personality, lifestyle and mood. If you are fun loving person you will choose anything that is odd and colorful. But if you are serious and reserved person then you will absolutely go towards decent, trendy and sharp kind of lamps. So, the wrecking ball lamp is one of those lamps which you want to buy for your living rooms.


It is a decent, trendy and an odd kind of lamp. It is more like an art piece or a construction model than a lamp material found in art museums. Its creative structure is a light fixture like a lifter or crane. Construction and civil engineers surely like this kind of lamps because it built on old industrial invention. It is made on the structure of the crane with a bulldozer like base, solid bronze like case and a light bulb instead of the hanging ball that will brighten your room.

The crane is ancient product and it has a long history of work in the industrial sector. The wrecking ball mechanism was used in destroying old buildings by accelerating heavy steel ball hung from a crane like a pendulum towards the target with force in old ages. These mechanisms are discarded. But this art piece is the revival of these old ancient inventions.

This type of lamp mostly used in a studio’s job where you need to pay attention to the details of an object or an image. It is designed in May, 2010 and you can find it in the old Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London.It is an ornamental design art piece.  So,it will be a good option if you want anything unique and artistic.It will surely add something new  in your living room looks.