In 2010 a women Eka Shanty laid foundation of the world Muslimah organization and beauty contest to give the world an alternative of “Miss World Contest”. She started that organization in Indonesia when she had to give her resign from her job because of her Hijab.


This contest promotes the idea of beauty of character not the beauty of appearance. Interested contestants apply online by sending video and essay. This contest has three main features for the selection of contestants that are styled, pious and smart. The contestant must wear hijab and obey Islamic teachings.

The Miss World Muslimah Contest 2013 started in September 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Out of 500 online candidates, 100 were selected for the semifinal and 20 for final. Women from different occupations from different countries like Malaysia, Nigeria, Brunei, Iran, Bangladesh and the United States participated in that contest.

Contestant woke up at 3.00 am in the morning to pray Fajar prayer, to recite the Holy Quran and they took morning classes of Islamic law and economics. This event opens the door of the Muslim fashion and culture in the world. In the final round the candidates narrate their Abaya stories.


Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria got the crown of the world Muslimah Contest in Jakarta on Sept. 18, 2013. She received 25 million rupiah (2,200 dollars) and a trip to Saudi Arabia to perform a pilgrimage. She will also work as a humanitarian ambassador for underprivileged women in the Muslim countries.


She said that in Muslim countries where the Hijab is common; women are more protected than in other countries. Hijab in true sense is not a fashion statement but a religious obligation. It is really amazing to be stylish and to be smart but the most important is to be pious.