Soup is a very important food item in winter season. In winter season soup keeps us warm and every one appreciate it very much. Maize is very excellent for your health. So here  is a very delightful maize lovely formula.


1)      1 mid-sized maize cob

2)     ½ tsp fresh floor or mashed dark pepper

3)      1 tsp chopped celery

4)     1 tbsps chopped springtime red onion or shallots

5)     1 tbsps oil (olive or sunflower) or butter

6)      2 cups h2o or 1 cup heated dairy + 1 cup h2o or 2 cups veg stock

7)     ½ tbsps maize starch/corn flour demolished in 2 tbsps water

8)       sodium as required

Step 1

First steam the maize cobs. This can be done in a pan, cleaner or pressure cooker. drain and let the maize cobs cool.

Step 2

With a knife, clean the maize popcorn kernels from the cobs.


Step 3

Blend the maize popcorn kernels with some water in a blender until smooth. Keep aside a few maize popcorn kernels.


Step 4

Heat oil or butter in a pan. Add the sliced oatmeal and saute for a minute until the tastes of the oatmeal comes through in the oil.

Step 5

Add the maize in it and mix it well.


Step 6

Next pour water or vegetable stock and mix again.

Step 7

Let the broth come to a steam. Next add freshly floor spice up & salt & the remaining maize popcorn kernels.


Step 8

Next you are going to simmer for a few moments.

Step 9

Finally add corn flour in it. This is done to make a thick broth. Cook for a few moments until the broth thickens and corn flour gets cooked.

Step 10

Check the herbs. Add the broth in broth bowls and serve sweet maize broth hot garnished with sliced oatmeal or scallion/spring onion veggies or floor spice up.

So the delicious sweet corn soup is ready.You can drink it by yourself or you can also serve  in front of guests.