We have been regularly unveiling some breath taking stories about people converting to Islam and here we are back once again with another motivating and encouraging news for all Muslims. Being a Muslim I feel really proud to claim that Sunita Williams, a US astronaut of Indian origin, has converted to Islam. She is the first ever lady who went to space and moon. She has recently returned to the earth after her 197 days’ stay on a space station along with her other four crew members. She accepted Islam right after she was back and she has revealed some amazing facts about Islam. Though this news has not been officially declared but this news is authentic in terms of creditability. According to Sunita, when she looked towards the earth from the moon, everything appeared dark except for the two places which were glowing even at that time in the dark. When examined with a telescope, it was found that these places were none other than the Holy Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabubi (Subhan Allah)! Another astonishing fact which she revealed is that they were feeling every single frequency on the moon but the Azzan (call to prayer) was heard clearly at the moon. The pictures they took from satellite are very interesting and indeed that there do exists one Supreme Power and that is Allah Almighty. This news is a proof for many who question the existence of Islam. Islam is a reality which will remain one till the Day of Judgement InshahAllah!