Why number of suicides attempts are increasing day by day specially in Muslim community. Are these people unaware of the teachings of Islam? Are they unaware from the fact that suicide is prohibited in Islam? Or do they not know the consequences of suicide attempts after death?

Basic reasons for suicide attempts:

There can be many reasons for suicide attempt like:

  • Depression (or Mental illness);
  • Stress;
  • Drug abuse; or
  • Disappointment;


1. Depression:

Depression is the state of constant unhappiness. It can also be referred to as a consistent lowering of mood which makes it difficult for a person to lead a normal and happy life. At the start intensity of depression is lower which takes its severe form if proper treatment is not taken for it.

Concentration leads to:

  • Lack of concentration and enjoyment,
  • Peevishness,
  • Reduction in energy,
  • Loss of self confidence,
  • Disturbed sleep and
  • Pessimism.

A person, who is suffering from depression, if is he does not go through a proper treatment; he will go for suicide attempt.


2. Stress:

Stress can also be one of the reasons for suicide attempts. Stress may be of work burden or of something else.


3. Unemployment:

Unemployment is also one the reasons for suicide. As evidences shows that suicide rate is increased whenever rate of unemployment is increased.


4. Detachment:

One of the reasons for suicide is detachment or isolation of one from his/her loved ones (family or any friend). When a person loses any of his family members due to his/her death, it causes him to be sad. Relationship breakups are also a reason for suicide. Sometimes certain ups and downs come in a relationship belonging to a person, which causes disappointment. If this situation prolongs, it online casino will lead to suicide.

5. Drug addiction:

Drug addiction is also a factor which leads to suicide. Number of researches has shown that addiction to drugs also causes people to attempt suicide.


6. Financial burden:

Sometimes someone has taken loan and feels himself not to be able to payback. This causes him restlessness and finally leads him to suicide.

7. Sickness:

Sometimes a prolonged and long lasting disease causes a person to commit suicide.

I feel one reason for increasing suicide attempts is that we are going far from ALLAH. We have left His guidelines and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). This distance has increased depression. We can control it by bowing down in front of Allah, and by asking Him for help.

We have made wrong placement of people and things in our lives. We have forgotten that this world is not permanent and everything in it is also temporary. So anything or any person we have today, we my loose it tomorrow. So make yourself ready for it pre-handed. If we are able to accept this reality and we make our friendship with Allah, we will be able to be out of depression even without any proper medication.