Social media sites are now trending a lot, a lot to this extent that they have started effecting humans psychologically and emotionally.
A few decades back, internet was a blessing, a gateway to knowledge and a wonderful luxurious thing. Internet was used for gaining information about stuff. It was used for “actual communication”. What is it now? A social media site typically means a website which allows users to connect through internet, interact on internet with other people, share some stuff / activities, or you can say how one represents itself personally on internet without any interference of distances, however internet connection does matter.
Time passed and social media sites made their way to a level that they started interfering real lives. Now the day has come where every organization has an official profile on social networking sites, where every person from schools’ students’ to professionals to jobless has a profile on atleast on of many social media sites. The power of negativities added by social media sites in our lives can be estimated from some of the following facts:
Depression and other health effects
As Mohammed Gol says

Just go out and have a social life somewhere real.

Doctors have now found that too much social networking leads to depression .Social networking was all okay when social media sites were not taking the place of real lives. Also poor sleep patterns, suicide and poor academic performance are observed as a result of excessive social networking.
Double Identities
According to a research 72% of online adults use social networking sites and it has now become a profession that people make fake profiles and commit cyber crimes through those fake identities. Reports of cyber crimes are increasing with much greater rate than ever before.

Privacy at stake
info privacy

With the number of users on social media increasing, personal data provided has become less safe. People share their personal information which is then used against them if it gets in wrong hands. This ultimately causes a lot of stress and loss to concerned person.


– Children exposed to each type of internet content on social media spoils their mind.
– encouraged use of internet slams enhances grammar mistakes
– Providing a culture where one single thought or picture with mistake can hurt one’s personality for whole life.


Social media networking came with a lot of positive uses but its excessive use has made its negative side more prominent. Still it depends on person how he takes internet and social media and its uses.