Eyes are considered to be the doorway to your soul. It’s the most important and highlighted feature when it comes to makeup and it requires the same attention as other parts do. Smoky eyes have become a popular trend and there is no particular chance that this style will go out of trend. In this article we will tell you about glittery purple eye makeup. You can apply it on parties and functions. Now we are going to tell you aboutĀ Smoky Purple Eye Makeup in simple steps.

What do you need forĀ Smoky Purple Eye Makeup?

You will be needing the following set of items for doing this make over:

  • Eye primer or concealer
  • Eye shadow kit
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Make-up brushes

Steps to do Smoky Purple Eye Makeup:

  • First thing you need to remember is the proper blending and make sure that colors you apply on your eyes blend together perfectly. You have to use light base with dark eye shades.
  • Apply base followed by the concealer on your eyes all the way up to your eye bone. You can also use foundation or primer.
  • Now take the lighest purple shade from your eye shadow kit and apply this inside on the inner potion of your eyes. Apply this under the eyebrows and above the eye line with the help of filbert brush.
  • In third step you can choose the darkest shade of violet color. With the help of fluffy brush you have to apply this color on your thick side of eye lids blend it flawlessly upside to the eye line if it looks harsh. Now choose a medium shade of dark purple and apply it on the outer edges of your lower lash line. Blend it perfectly.


  • Now pick up a small brush take shimmery light purple shade and apply it on your eye lids. Apply it on that part of you eyes where the darkest purple shade starts to join it and blend it properly as it seems lighter from lashes to brow line.
  • Use a soft brush and make it sure that the lighter color is on the lashes to brow line and darkest shade must be on the lash line and with soft brush blend the colors with neutral tone. Blend colors underneath the eyes as well.
  • At the end apply black liner and mascara for a perfect look of your purple smoky eyes.

If you want to look hot and sexy then apply this purple eye makeup and rock the party.