Smoky eyes is done with one color of eye shadow. Brown, grey, or black are good choices. Dark plum or navy blue are for the brave & bold look. Eyeliners should also match the eye shadow that you are using.

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How to make Smoky Eyes?

Apply a thin layer of foundation across your lids. Better still use a primer or concealer. This will help the makeup stay on longer and appear bolder and more vibrant.

aplly base

Then,sweep on a flesh-colored shadow or powder. Use a light shimmer if you’re feeling fancy. Using your pencil, trace your lash line. Always work from the inside and get thicker towards the end, flicking for a fancy and cat-eye fashion. Start by sweeping on a layer of shadow close to the lash line with your eye shadow brush, diffusing the eyeliner. Use your lightest color here, a touch of white or pearl shimmer is great. With a light hand, and a slightly darker color, cover the middle of your lid fanning out towards the crease. Race along your crease and socket then flick out towards the corner of your brow bone with a much darker color, this is a sexy, smoldering look and gives your eyes heaps of definition and appeal.

Apply a nude shimmering color to your brow bone. By accentuating the highest point on your face you are bringing out your facial features and really complimenting your eyes. With a soft brush, blend away any harsh lines to make it a more soft ‘smokey’ effect. Take a white eye pencil and line your waterline up to the tear-duct, this will make your eyes appear wider, brighter and fresher and make you look more awake and healthy, also whiter eyes look more beautiful as well as bring out the color of your iris. Apply two coats of mascara on curled lashes to polish the smoky eye look.