When winter season starts or is near, people start searching for different types of tips for skin care in the cold and dry weather. This weather is so cold and dry. This weather always affects the skin and makes it dry and dull. The skin loses its colour and becomes darker. This weather is the worst season for people with dry skin. Mostly people neglect daily skin care in this harsh season. Many skincare experts suggest different kinds of methods to protect the skin in winter’s cold and dry weather. If you neglect the care of your skin then your skin might get dry and dull.  This care is not only for your face or hand; rather it applies to your whole body.

Sun Protection 

Sunscreen is not only important in summer time, it’s also important in winter time, because winter sun also damages your skin. 30 minutes before going outside, you should apply a sunscreen cream to your face and hand and if you are going to stay outside for long, then repeat it. Sunscreen should be applied all over exposed body parts.


In winters your skin becomes dry and dull so it’s very important to moisturise your skin with lotions, or apply any lemon-turmeric lotion or cream. If your skin type is oily then use light moisturising lotions, and mostly avoid take bath with hot water.


Water intake is very important for your skin nourishment, almost 7 to 8 glasses of water intake is necessary in a day. If you add a few lemon drops in the water before drinking, it will keep your skin healthy. Take proper diet like vegetable, meats, fruits because it’s very important for healthy skin.

  • If you have normal or dry skin, then every night use a cream for massage which is rich in Vitamins A and E.
  • Some people have different problems in this season, generally like cracks on lips and cracks on foot.  Use lip balms at night or outdoor, and use moisturizer for your feet.

In winter season you should follow the above tips to protect and beautify your skin.