To play and experiment with the hair in terms of styles is the hobby of most girls. Girls want to see their hair in different look. For this reason they daily try different styles of their hair. Especially school and college going girls like to have their hair according to latest fashion trend. The beauticians and hair style artist for this purpose suggest girls to have a suitable haircut.

Firstly, you can spice up a shoulder length haircut with some layer. By adding some layer, you bound yourself into shape, volume and texture by look. Those girls, who have the thick hair, can make light and bouncy with fun flimsy pieces cut according to the frame of the hair.

As, Shoulder length hair are not too short and not too long. So, these fabulous shoulder length hairstyles has a right place of perfect spot to have multiple looks. In today’s article we are going to discuss some of the best Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2014 for all young and beautiful looking females.

Sleek Southern Belle:

Mostly, all you need to just shine is simplicity! In this hairstyle, long side bangs, gorgeous highlights, and soft, subtle tapering at the ends has it.



Curly Couture:

This molded haircut is a great shape for curly hair girls. This style has the light looking length from short to medium layers and help to manage this style.

curly hair

Bold and Beautiful:

It is beneficial for short layers that it will always help add volume to your look. This smooth style has lots of texture from short to medium layers from whole and also around the face for framing.



Red Rocker:

These hairstyle settings beautiful color as well as texture. Dark cherry colored hair with bushy layers as a whole is like a youthful and fun. Add short side bangs to add ability and interest.

These are some ways for shoulder length hairstyles. Hope you have liked them and will try them next time you go for the hair cut.