There was a time when famous Pakistani dramas made people sit in their homes without moving an inch from their place. Pakistani media played a major role in producing the unforgettable and realistic dramas that inspired the generations. Pakistan television started a trend of making classic dramas with the help of awesome writers, power full direction, and multi talented actors. But due to some reasons our drama industry was affected but by the Grace of Almighty got revived. So, today we will be discussing about the Revival of Pakistani Dramas.pakistani dramas

old dramaIn the very early days of 90‘s there was only one TV channel the most popular, PTV that telecasted many popular dramas like Dhoop Kinary, Ankahe , Tanhaaniyan & Dhoowan. These were the shows that were well prepared family dramas, fully organized scripts and clean environment and of course credit goes to brilliant story writers like Hassena Moen, Ashfak Ahmad, seema Ghazal etc. Their dramas were based on social issues that touched the hearts of many people. This was the peak time of Pakistani dramas where they achieved so many awards not only on national levels but also at international levels.writers of pakistani dramasmultiples dramas

But the time came at 2001 where Indian dramas started on the channel named “Star Plus” and became more popular among not only the females but kids also became addicted to them. The base of these Indian dramas was glamour, home politics, and endless episodes. These affected our living styles badly and corrupted our society. Their stories were not based on real life or not even on societal issues. Their actresses used lots of makeup and heavy jewelry to expose the high class or landlord concept which made the young girls materialistic. After 2003, Pakistani dramas started copying the star plus culture and badly lost their originality.

indian dramas

indian dramaindian drama

But soon they realized and stopped making these foolish and corrupted dramas and started making stories on powerful lines. Now many writers have started writing many powerful stories on different channels like Geo, Hum TV, ARY Digital etc. Every channel is struggling hard to provide their audience with the best dramas. These days the dramas that have gained popularity are Meri Zaat Zarraye be-Nesha, Humsafar, Dasstan, Nur Bano, Wasal etc. These are realistic and powerful scripts.

pakistani drama

In short Pakistani dramas are now well produced and give a good message. And the quality of Pakistani dramas is also improving due to the healthy competitions of TV channels. So now we should stop watching the Indian channels and also promote our own dramas.