We all are very much familiar with the Pakistani Film Industry Beauty Reema Khan. She has been a prominent figure of the film industry. But from the past few years she has been in the limelight due to the variety of reasons. One of the most strong reason is his marriage to a famous American based Cardiologist Dr. Shahab Traiq Shahab. Ever since then, the popularity of Reema Khan has grown many folds.

Though she left the film industry but she can captured on most of the television shows. But recently, a very weird incident occurred. Reema got her heel broken during  Cat Walk in a Fashion Show that took place in Lahore. On October 10, 2013 when Reema appeared on the stage and started her walk as the Show Stopper got her shoes heel broken right in the middle of the stage. You must have heard about the wardrobe malfunctions during the Fashion Shows, but this is a shoe malfunction.

But the best thing was Reema Khan handled the situation very wisely. According to the people who witnessed the entire scenario said that when her shoe heel broke an instant reaction came on her face but later she bend down took of her shoe and completed her walk with the same grace by swirling the same shoes in the air. The audience were really supportive during the entire scene. Not only the audience but the male models who were there on the stage applauded her.

This act of hers is taken differently but the critics in the industry. Some have really appreciated her presence of mind while many gave negative comments about this incident. Some said that Reema has forgotten how to work as she has been not in touch with it since long. While some said that the way she waved the shoe in the air towards the audience is not at all decent.

These are all the assumptions but one thing is for sure we hae to wait till Reema Khan give any official statement about the entire incident. If you want to witness the entire scene you may click through the video link below:

Video Link

reema got her heel broken