Donuts are the most loved and popular food item. They are popular among kids as well as adults. The creamy, colorful donuts are everyone’s favorite. Today I am going to tell you the recipe to make best donuts. Everyone wants to make soft, juicy and delicious donuts with crunchy crust. If you are into cooking then you should not miss this recipe because it is just perfect.


The list of ingredients to make donuts is given below.

  • Flour450 gm
  • Yeast2 tbsp
  • Butter2 tbsp
  • Caster sugar75 gm
  • Eggs beaten2
  • Warm milk6 tbsp
  • Warm water6 tbsp
  • Oil to deep fry
  • Ingredients for Filling
  • Strawberry jamas required
  • Ingredients for Coating
  • Caster sugar4 oz
  • Ground cinnamon2 tsp


  • Mix flour, yeast, butter, sugar eggs, warm milk and warm water and knead to a smooth dough. Till elastic and smooth, return to bowl and cover with cling and let rise till doubled in size, knead again after an hour and divide into equal pieces , shape into a ball and flatten add a tbsp of jam in each ball and gather the edges together and pinch firmly to seal.
  • Place well apart on a greased baking tray and cover with oiled cling film and let prove again for 30 more minutes. Heat oil and deep fry till golden.


There are millions of ways to decorate your donuts. You can decorate them according to your taste. If you are into chocolate then melt lots of chocolates and then dip the donuts in it. You can also mix M&Ms or hundreds and thousands then dip the donuts in the mixture. You can also try jams and other sweet coatings to decorate your donuts. You can also  mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl and toss the doughnuts in them. The delicious donuts are ready to serve. Serve them hot.