In winters people prefer to adopt a diet which can keep them warm. Soups are a very good option for winter diet. Hot and sour soup is a special dish of winter season. It is very tasty and delicious soup. Hot and sour soup is liked by every person. It is made in almost every country. In winter season hot and sour soup is used by majority of people to keep them save from cold winters. In this soup healthy ingredients are used. Hot and sour soup is made in different ways. It can be made by the simple way or by the pure Chinese style. This soup is healthy meal for children. In this soup eggs are used which majority of the people like to eat. Hot and sour soup is for those people who like spicy meals in their food. This soup is made in home which provide us both good taste and health.

Here I present the most simple and easy Recipe of Hot and Sour Soup. We hope that you will try it out this winter and let us know how did it taste.


  • Chicken boneless( 1/2 kg)
  • Chicken stock(1 cup)
  • Oil( 1 cup)
  • Onions(2 chopped)
  • Ginger and garlic paste(1 tsp)
  • Carrots ( 2 cut into slices)
  • Capsicums (2 crushed)
  • Cabbage (chopped)
  • Salt to taste
  • Black pepper(1 tsp)
  • Soya ¬†sauce(3 tbsp)
  • Vinegar (2 tbsp)
  • Eggs (beaten)
  • Corn flour(2 tbsp )
  • Sugar( 1 tsp)
  • Chinese salt to taste
  • Water (1 cup)
  • Tomato (chopped)
  • Chili sauce(2 tbsp)
  • White flour (half cup)



  1. Take a pot and pour the stock in the pot.
  2. Add black pepper, vinegar, salt,  soya sauce, chili sauce, sugar, vegetables and all other spices in the pot.
  3. Cook it at light heat.
  4. When all the spices and vegetables start boiling pour chicken and cook it further 4 to 5 minutes.
  5. Then add corn flour with the water.
  6. After adding corn flour mixes it with spoon using light hand.
  7. When the soup is thicker keep it on light heat.
  8. Leave it for some time.
  9. Dish out the soup.
  10. Garnish it with small pieces of green chili.
  11. The soup is ready serves it.