In summer everyone is worried and not relaxed because of hotness of the weather. Fruits and juices are mostly used in this season. We have many types of fruits in this season which boost up our energy level. We used them in many ways such as directly eating them, making shakes, fruit juices and using them in drinks. We can also use them with yogurt to make a healthy drink which refreshes us. It’s very easy to use fruits with yogurt. There are many types of drinks which can be made by using fruits and yogurt like, raspberry fruit yogurt, low fat banana yogurt, creamy fruit drink, mixed fruits yogurt, fruity milk shake with yogurt etc. I am sharing the recipe of mixed fruits yogurt with you people. I am sure that you will enjoy it. You will be have fun in making this easiest, delicious and healthiest recipe. You can give it to your children and they will love you and enjoy to drink it. So it will minimize your worries that you face every day when your child refuse to eat something. It’s the beauty of this recipe that no one say no to  it. There is no hard and fast rule in it.

fruit yogurt


1)      2 cups plain yogurt

2)      1 cup skimmed milk

3)      1 banana sliced

4)      1 cup crushed ice

5)      Chopped nuts and chocolate bars

6)      2 table spoons good honey

7)      1 table spoon vanilla extracts

8)      1 bunch of green grapes

9)      ½ cup of strawberry cut in small pieces

10)   ½ cup of pine apple cut in small pieces

11)   ½ cup of raspberries cut in small pieces

fruits cocktail


  • First of all take a bowl, put yogurt in it and blend it well with whisk (beater) for 7 to 8 minutes. While blending add some sugar in it.
  • When all the yogurt is blended too much than stop blending.

blend yogurt

  • Now add all the fruits cocktail and skimmed milk into the yogurt and mix them softly.

mixing of fruits and yogurt

  • Now add crushed ice and serve into the glasses after garnishing with chopped nuts and chocolate bars.

fruit yogurt

Healthy and yummy drink is ready to serve. It equally suits in breakfast, lunch, or when you are a little hungry. It is a healthy drink which gives you energy and a relaxed feeling in a hot summer in a few minutes. What you are waiting for??? Chill your summer and enjoy a cool feeling. Try this as early as you can. Share your precious comments with us. If you have any query then do ask. We will be extremely pleased to help you.