Fried rice is a simple and easy form of dish that you can make with rice. Fried rice is that dish which is equally famous in children, young people and old ones. The reason behind its popularity is that it is easy to cook and is not at all time consuming. Rice contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats which are very useful for our body. So this dish is a good source to avail all these essential nutrients. Fried rice are very common all over the world with different recipes. But rice are widely used in Asia, China and Bangladesh. Different kinds of rice are grown as major crop in these countries. Another reason for the popularity of fried rice is that, they have combination of different vegetables and some touch of sauces like, soya sauce and vinegar. Fried rice can be experimented and cooked in various ways.

So, here we present one of the most common and easiest Recipe of Fried Rice. We hope you will try it out and let us know.


  • Basmati rice (1 kg) washed and soaked for 20 minutes
  • Eggs beaten (4)
  • Chicken cubes
  • Carrot (1), finely chopped
  • Yellow onion (1)
  • Ginger(1 medium size)
  • One clave garlic
  • Black paper (1 pinch)
  • Soya sauce (1 tsp)
  • Vegetable oil (2 tsp)
  • Sesame oil (2 tsp)
  • Salt (2 tsp)
  • White vinegar
  • Boil eggs (2)
  • Capsicum finely chopped (1)





  1. Boil the rice and make sure that 1 % hardness is left in rice.
  2. Rice are drain in proper way no chance of remaining water in them.
  3. Put oil in pan and add garlic juice and wait to appearing the brown color of garlic.
  4. Put beaten eggs in oil and fried until turn into pieces.
  5. Add soy sauce, vinegar, salt and chicken cubes.
  6. After 2 min add carrots which is finely chopped.
  7. Add vegetable oil, a pinch of black paper, and yellow onion cut finely chopped.
  8. Put rice in pan and mixed with things which are already fried.
  9. Add the sesame oil and serve hot, garnish with boil eggs.