Bihari kabab is one of the popular and delightful Pakistani recipes. You will discover this in Food street, Lahore and many other locations of Pakistan it’s so spicy and delightful that it will make your day vibrant.


1 kg various meats (make slim log pieces and take out all fats)

1/2 cup strong fried red onion (crushed)

125 gm yogurt

1 cup boiled red onion paste

1 Tablespoons Khas Khas (poppy seed) powder

2-3 Tbsp Papaya paste

2 Tablespoons Red Spicy  powder

1 Tablespoons cumin seeds powder

1 Tsp Pepper powder

1/2 Tsp Garam Masala

1/4 Tablespoons Jaiphal and Javitri powder

3 Tablespoons cinnamon paste

1/2 Cup oil


1) Take an in-depth marinade pan and marinate various meats pieces in the above described substances and keep it for at least 3 hrs until various meats become soft so that it can quickly crack by pushing fingertips.

2) When the various meat pieces become soft, position them in metal BBQ skewers. The right way to position each piece is to take a lengthy piece and flip it to dual (length wise) and then position it in keep from one area. Then position from center such that a 3-4 inch meat piece is placed in skewer from three factors and hence it would not crack or fall from the skewer during BBQ. Insert 2-3 pieces in each skewer and then distribute them gently over the skewer to stability.

3)  Get ready your BBQ grill and burn the coal well so that the BBQ may grill according to the dimension. Convert them during grilling so that they get cooked equally from all sides. One set of BBQ would take 8-10 minutes to finish.


Serve the hot Bihari kabab with natural marinade , red onion jewelry and paratha.

This delicious recipe will double the taste of your Eid.