Reham Khan is quite in the limelight in the Pakistani media these days. Her screen presence and charismatic personality has inspired many hearts in Pakistan. She is a British Pakistani journalist who is now days hosting her current affairs show on Aaj TV. In the past, she was a news anchor on BBC channel. Right after she joined the Pakistani media, Reham faced mixed response from the Pakistani audience and has been a point of discussion in the Pakistani media. She has been in the light of controversy in different aspects. Either it is her bold look or bold way of dressing or be it some marriage proposal by a Pakistani politician, Reham Khan is indeed someone who can be called beauty with brains and is a fresh addition to the Pakistani journalism. People those are invited on her show have been caught flirting with her in some way or the other. Recently, another new scandal of Reham Khan has been risen to the scene in which her video has been leaked in which she has been caught dancing in UK in the most bold avatar. She is wearing a short backless dress in black with high heels and she is dancing in full grace just like a professional dancer. One way of thinking can be such that Reham being a raised in British culture can do these things right away and such things really does not matter. But if we think of her as a Muslim and Pakistani then I am sure she is not the first in the list. I am sure the list is a never ending one. So my point of view is that if Reham faces criticism then each and everyone who is doing such immoral acts should face the consequences. Share you opinion and comments with us!

Pakistani Anchor Reham Khan dancing in UK AAJ… by zemtv