Ragging is systematized form of human rights abuse in educational institutes of South Asia. Ragging is defined by three kinds of abuses Verbal, Physical, Sexual. These abuses are observed in the form of mostly force full acts like dancing, singing, playing, truth or dare, proposing a girl or a boy, some sexual act and various other forms. Ragging is known to us in different names in different parts of the world like Hazing, fagging, Pledging, Horse-playing etc. Ragging is more common in hostels of boys &  girls. Media play a vital role to influence the ragging. In 90‘s private engineering colleges and medicals colleges were established in large numbers. In that period ragging started to show its ugly faces.  ragging in colleges

Different Ways of Ragging

Ragging was originally a western concept but it is has spread all over the world now a days. Seniors play  practical jokes at the time when the new badge enrolls. Some of the ways of ragging are: asking to introduce oneself in “Shudh Hindi” or some other language (according to their countries), to sing vulgar songs or to describe any part of the body, to talk about one’s sexual interest etc,  to do silly things like kissing a tree, proposing to someone etc.sort of raggingragging kills.

Ragging can affect the personality of anyone directly and can have very devastating effects. An unpleasant incident of ragging may leave a scar on a person’s mind throughout his academic year. It’s a kind of mental torture. It damages all hopes and expectations of the student.

Ragging is now consider a Social Curse and now media is playing an important part in highlighting the negative sides of Ragging. Movies like 3 idiots, Munna Bhai MBBS, Hostel, Table No. 21 are based on ragging in colleges. These are giving a strong lesson to all those who believe ragging is legal. We hope & pray that with the passage of time we will surely overcome this social issue which is ruining our youth’s future.