We just got an analysis of PMLN votes from a supporter, which said.

For those who are saying PML (N) voted by the uneducated and illiterate people so i would like to clear it 😀 As you have seen PML (N) got 129 Seats in National Assembly whereas PTI got Only 37 seats and People who are saying PML-N won because of rigging ? Rigging cannot give you 129 seats in national assembly.
From the below point you will know how many uneducated people voted PML (N) according to you PTI Supports.

From the Age of 18 to 24
37 % voted PML (N) and 25 % Voted PTI my majority Friends is in age category , do you think you all are uneducated or illiterate ??
From the Age of 25 to 35
around 40 % PML (N) and around 30 % to PTI In this Age majority of people are those who are doing job etc that’s why PMLN got much seats in National Assembly. All bussiness class people votes for PMLN. You can not suggest party winnings and vote count on bases of Facebook poles or Jalsa’s.
So PTI Supporters you have to accept the truth go for logic not for emotions.
Let us show the ‘Tabdeeli’ by showing respect or we all still are in imprisonment of our old ideologies.
We all are Pakistani and it all Done by Allah So please Accept PML(N) as your leader and stop abusing your nation and your leader as well may be he will solve our all problems. So Accept the reality with peace and without pointing anyone.
Action Speaks Louder then Words.