Yet another important fact has been unveiled which has again played with the sentiments of Muslims all over the world. Malaysia’s chocolate manufacturing company Cadbury has been caught with traces of pig’s DNA in its products. Let’s not forget the fact that pig has been forbidden in Islam and we find strict condemnation against swine in our religion. This is a direct attack on Muslims and a massive reaction is observed from Muslims in different parts of the world.

Muslim groups from Malaysia and other countries have declared Jihad against this act and have demanded strict action against the country. During a press conference these Muslim groups have highlighted the consequences of eating Pig for Muslims. They said that a Muslim can never be on the right path if he eats swine’s flesh in any form. However, according to the Cadbury’s spokesman, he said that the products have been called off from the market. At the time he accepted that this news is true and in two of their products the DNA have been found. He has promised detailed investigation in this respect.

Here, let’s not forget our country Pakistan, where Cadbury holds significant position in the industry. People like their products and Cadbury chocolates are been liked by everyone as they are available at quite affordable rates. So what will be the future of this company? Will they seek an apology? Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see what happens next.

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