The incident took place on Monday when PIA flight was scheduled from Karachi to Islamabad. The PIA flight PK-370 was to take off at 7 PM but was delayed or nearly two hours. The passengers got furious and forced out the former interior Minister Rehman Malik and PMLN’s Dr Ramesh Kumar  for causing delay.

Rehman Malik and Dr Ramesh Kumar

The PIA crew first lied to the passengers that the flight delay was due to some “technical reason” but the passengers were able to find out the truth that the crew was waiting for Interior Minister Rehaman Malik. A group of passengers stood at the entry and decided that they’ll not to allow Mr Rehman Malik to board this flight . After some time Dr Ramesh Kumar entered the plane but the rude and enraged people bombarded him with several questions asking why he was waiting for so long. One of the passenger shouted at him saying: “Go back! Dr Ramish Kumar”. After a few minutes he also left the plane.

After this incident the Prime Minister of civil aviation Shujat Hussain took action and the Terminal Manager Shezad and Shift Manager Nadeem were suspended due to their negligence.

Nearly 250 people were affected due to this incident and this not something new. We have been facing this VIP culture since the last 67 years. But what matters is that it seems that now our Nation is awake and its people have decided that they will not bear any kind of injustice.

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