The Pakistan Coast Guards (PCG) rescued all 15 passengers and crew of a sinking boat off Kaemari close to Baba Bhit Island on Saturday. A PCG spokesman told APP that the boat was reportedly in dilapidated condition and was overcrowded with passengers (Hundreds of people use such boats daily to ferry between Kemari and the Manora island) they were struggling to refrain more people from getting onto it as there was no space, during this hussle, the boat lost its balance and consequently sank in the water. The boat name was Al Chandani and it was proceeding to Baba Bhit Island from Keamari (a local destination). The Pakistan Coast Guards successfully rescued a total of 15 passengers as per the reports. Recently, there were 3 to 4 reports roaming aroung social media about their saving spree. A passenger boat capsized off the cost of Kemari in which several people including women and children are feared drowned. According to details, around 55 to 60 people were travelling in the boat of which rescue officials have saved 40 people while search for others is underway.The boat was travelling from Kemari to Manora. After the incident Pakistan Navy, KPT officials immediately launched a massive rescue operation. As many as sixteen people rescued while search for two others underway after a boat capsized. According to Maritime Security Agency‚ eighteen on board were rescued while search for other two is going on The boat was traveling from Fish Harbour to Baba Bhat. Such incidents happen on daily basis but based on the mentioned reports Pakistan Coast Guards are seemingly working hard and doing justice with their post of saving people from such collateral damages but God Forbidden if something happens the Coast Guard is not at the centre of the allegations. The target is and should be their superior officers as well as those to whom the latter are accountable. It is an act of political immorality to displace responsibility on the Coast Guard men who are executing orders. Perhaps the orders are not written down but the practice suggests they are very clear.