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PPPP Successful in NA 207 Larkana

Faryal Talpur of Pakistan Peoples Party has won in NA 207 (Larkana) by a massive margin against Ghunwa Bhutto. She got total 70300 votes.

NA 129 Lahore Shehbaz Shareef Successful

PMLN senior leader Shehbaz Shareef has been Won an National Assembly seat in NA 129 Lahore. A very important seat has been won by PMLN leader that proves that Lahore has voted PMLN massively.

Asad Umari PTI’s Statement About Imran Khan

“Imran Khan is a sportsman and knows how to win and lose.”

Asad Umar #PTI

This is what he said in his interview with our reporters less than a minute ago.

PP 112 Gujrat PMLN Wins

Yet another Provincial assembly seat has been won by pmln. Chaudry M. Ashraf of Nawaz Leauge got 15180 votes and the runner up candidate of  PPPP Tanveer Qaira got total 4850 votes only.

PP 37 Sargodha PMLN Won by Nizam ul Din

Nawaz Shareed Pakistan Election 2013 results. Nawaz was elected as the best political figure, his party PMLN led PP 37 Sargoodha by a great margin. Nizam ud deen won in Sargodha who is from PMLN as well.

NA 67 Meerpur Khas PPPP Won

PPPP Won the Meerpur Khas seat of national assembly and PTI lost by a good deal of margin. Whereas in the long run PMLN is leading in NA by a good deal of margin. Let’s hope this transition of Govt. will make our country much much better.

NA 44 PMLN wins

PML(Nawaz) continues to gather victories as PMLN candidate Shahabuddin wins the National Assembly seat at Na 44.

NA 69 PMLN success in Khushab

The victories of Pakistan Muslim Leauge (Nawaz) continue to increase as PMLN candidate Sumaira Malik wins National assembly seat in NA 69. She got about 57 k votes.

Nawaz Shareef Speech after Getting 113 Seats

Nawaz Shareef in his speech after becoming the biggest party in Pakistani Elections 2013 results, told us, that he will bring each and every piece of Pakistan together. He said he will be “Nauker” (Servant) of Pakistani people. His reign will be for both his lovers and non-lovers.

NA 55 Shiekh Rasheed Leading in Rawalpindi

Our reporter has reported that in Rawalpindi the famous political figure named against “Sheikh Rasheed” has been leading since the very beginning of the results. Right now he is leading with 34k Votes.

PMLN Got 115 Seats

Up till now Pakistan Muslim League has won 115 seats and it is being called a tremendous victory. In his speech Nawaz Shareef said he will be taking Pakistan to a next level. Let’s hope we are going to have a nice place to live, Pakistan will have a good name world wide.

MQM Candidate Nabeel Gabool’s Success

Nabeel Gabool has won round about more than 1 lakh votes in NA – 246. He has claimed that his success is just beacause of his fan-following. Well, whatever is the reason behind his success , but its a great honor for MQM to have

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