Opal stone encased in a precious metal would be the most beautiful things you have ever seen. Opal is one of the most mesmerizing gemstones in the world and the birthstone of  October. The meaning of Opal is “change of color precious stone”. But do you know this precious stone can bring bad luck to you because many nation consider it a cursed stone.


There was a time in the history when Opal was a sign of luck and happiness. The Romans used opal as a precious gemstone. They believed opal was a sign of purity and luck. That is the reason they ranked it second only to emeralds, and carried opal as a good luck charm because it was believed that like the rainbow, opal brought its owner good fortune. Even Centuries later, Shakespeare called opal “a miracle” and the “Queen of Gems”. Elizabeth prized opal as highly as the diamond for its brilliant colours and flashes of fire. Indeed, opal was a lucky stone.

How Did The Curse Get Started?

As we say every rise face a fall, same thing happened with Opal. The stone which was considered the sign of luck started bringing curse. People started believing that wherever this stone goes it brings bad luck. It all started with Sir Walter Scott’s novel “Anne of Geierstein”. The novel’s heroine buys a cursed opal which she wears in her hair  and later, she dies. And the legand of the unlucky Opal was born. After this, Opal’s sales reduced rapidly because people were afraid to buy it. There is also a story that in the 19th century, King Alfonso XII of Spain had received an opal ring from a vengeful Comtesse he had previously courted. The King presented the ring to his wife, who had greatly admired it, and shortly thereafter she died mysteriously. Well after these incidents this superstition started that Opal is cursed and whoever wears it will die soon. This superstition is still very famous and many nations believe that Opal is highly cursed and nobody should wear it.