According to a latest research now you can charge your phone by SHOUTING at it. Really? Yes! A unique gadget which converts sound waves from speech into five volts of energy for your mobile helps to charge your phone through shouting. It usually happens that phone batteries always die at that very moment when you need to make an important call. But shouting at your mobile in frustration seems pointless.


The size of mobile phone, uses zinc oxide to convert vibration caused by the sound of electricity. This invention is a result of a research at Queen Mary university of London (QMUL), which revealed that pop and rock music improved the performance of solar cell that caused it to improve the efficiency by upto 40 percent. Based on this research further famous mobile phones worked with the QMUL team to initially create an energy  that could be used to charge a mobile phone by using the everyday background noise.

The team use the key properties of zinc oxide, a material that when stretched create a voltage by converting energy in the form of nano-rods. The nano-rods can be coated into various surface which is then stretched. These then generate the high voltage. The nano-rods respond to vibration and movement created by everyday sound, such as our voice.

Electrical contacts on both sides of the rods are then used as the voltage to charge a phone. In order to make it possible to produce these nano-generators at a large scale, the scientists found innovative ways to cut costs in the production process. Firstly, they developed a process through which they could spray on the nano-rod just as if a plastic sheet is covered by a layer of zinc oxide. When this is mixed to a mixture of chemicals and heated to just 90°C, the nano-rods spread all over the surface of the sheet. Secondly, gold is traditionally used as an electrical contact, but the team were able to produce a method of using cheap aluminium foil instead.

The final device is of the same size and generates five volts, which is enough to charge a phone.