Hijab is taken by many women for many reasons may be for the sake of fashion, or due to some religious restrictions. If you have decided to wear hijab, the question is how to carry it. Here I am going to cover Headscarf, a category of Hijab. Dress represents 50 percent personality of a person; care should be taken while dressing up. Hijab is indeed a dress code. So whenever going to any function or a party or wearing headscarf casually, it is very important to decide its:

  • Color;
  • Prints; and
  • The way how to wear it.

scarf hijabI am covering here only one arena of wearing headscarf, “its prints”. And in this category I would discuss about neon prints.


Neon Prints:

Neon is the best color to be chosen for summer. It is the hottest color for summer. Some women seem hesitant while wearing this color because of its brightness. But it is the best color to wear in summer.

neon in style

Today is the age of bold and bright colors. Fashion for light shades, and boring colors is gone so let us jump into the new trend of bold and bright colors like neon shades. Young girls are using bold colored T-shirts, goggles, hand bags, shoes, nail polish and even scarfs in 2013 latest fashion era. And this trend really gives you the attractive, outclass and younger look.

neon trend

As we all know that today is the age of competition and this competition is not only in the field of study and profession but it is present in every field even also in fashion.

fashion competition

Leave on past fashion and move on to the latest trendy fashion which you can also apply while wearing hijab.

bold neon scarf

Neon is the combination of these colors:

  1. Blue,
  2. Orange,
  3. Pink,
  4. Green, and
  5. Yellow

neon colours

After deciding color, its print is the point to be focused on. If best color is followed by best print, it seems great. So if you choose neon colour headscarfs, instead of wearing plain neon headscarf, choose headscarf of best colors having awesome prints. You will look great wearing this neon printed headscarf.

printed neon scarf

Neon print headscarfs are the best ones to wear in summer although many of the women avoid choosing this one, but I recommend you to try it once, you will feel the difference this way. Neon print scarf is best suited for summer so does not use it in winter.

neon colour scarf

Did you like my idea? Will you wear it in this summer 2013? Provide me with your precious suggestions. I would love having your point of view about neon prints.