Nawaz Sharif

Mian Nawaz Sharif, soon-to-be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As unofficial election results indicate the success of PML-N’s president, Mian Nawaz Sharif, congratulations from all around the world has been on their way to almost-confirmed next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Although, Mr Nawaz’s victory has yet to be confirmed by Pakistan Election Commission, but having an eye on the unofficial elections’ results, Nawaz’s victory is almost certain. Upon the indication of PML-N’s unofficial victory, several personalities around the globe congratulated Mr Nawaz on being elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan the third time.

It should be reminded that Mr Nawaz has previously been elected as the PM of Pakistan twice (viz. first term as Prime Minister 1990-93, second term as Prime Minister 1997-99).

India’s Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh tweets Mian, inviting him to visit India, at a mutually convenient time.

You may read the exact words he said:



Indian PM was not the only person to congratulate Pakistan general elections’ victor, Nawaz received phone calls from China, Kuwait, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iran and was congratulated.

Official election results are soon to be announced.