Vitamins are an essential type of nutrient which are necessary for vision, gene transcription, boosting immune system and maintaining skin health. Deficiency in the intake of vitamins can directly effect our vision and increase the risk of catching viral infections which are harmful for the human body. Vitamin deficiency is not only a painstaking problem in underdeveloped countries, it is now equally prevailing in the well developed parts of the world. But the reason of this abnormality may vary from country to country. Talking about the deficiency in developed countries, the main reason is that people do not include Vitamin rich diet in their daily routine. Junk food is in trend and is highly liked by everyone. So they prefer taking vitamin supplements instead of including food items which are the Natural Sources of Vitamins. In this post we will tell you about such natural sources which contain abundant of vitamins in them.

Milk, Yogurt & Cheese

Milk, yogurt and cheese contain those vitamins which are essential for bone growth and strength. These are very nutritious especially for kids. It’s also helps to control blood clotting, muscle contraction and the transmission of nerve signals. The daily requirement of these items is:

  • Adults of age 19-50: 1,000 milligrams/day
  • Adults age 51-up to: 1,200 milligrams/day

Dairy partners

Red Bell Peppers

These colorful peppers are a great source of vitamin E & C and other similar powerful antioxidants. But we have to use these vegetables fresh for a great health value.

red capsicum

Olive Oil

Vegetables oils such as olive oil is also a good source of vitamin and other nutrients. Olive oil helps to control the cholesterol and is also good for the heart patients. Experts recommend to keep oil away from sun light to help keep it last long.

healthy olive oil

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a best source of magnesium. It’s help to control the blood pressure and promote bone health. It’s also containing zinc and Vitamin E that helps to maintain healthy eyes, hair and skin.

pumpkin seeds

Red Meat & Sea Food

It’s supports the body immunity and nerve function. It is also helps in reproduction. The intake of such items should be as follows:

  • Men: 11 milligram/day
  • Women: 8 milligram/day
  • Pregnant women: 11 milligram/day
  • Breastfeeding women: 12 milligram/day

red meet and sea food

All of these food items can help to bring many health benefits of Vitamin, Protein, zinc and different minerals into a daily diet naturally. So add these nutrients naturally in your daily diet.