Well, friends! Recently everyone can be seen with dresses with the Naqsh prints and Bird prints which are the new patterns of 2013. From occasions to most sizzling gatherings; there is an impression of these patterns. These patterns have shaken the Fashion trend 2013 in Pakistan.

As we all realize that various patterns are in nowadays however these two exceptional and classy patterns have their own particular place in Fashion 2013. They give you an alternate and jazzy look. So let us know about these new and crisp patterns 2013.


Birds Prints:

This new pattern of Birds prints is an indication of Nature. We every day see celebrities wearing Birds prints in magazines. These prints include unwinding and a common look in your identity. It is an enchanting form that gives you an alternate look from regular exhausting patterns. Bird outlines are found in shirts, dresses, jewelry, outfits, and embellishments and so on.


Naqsh Prints:

Style 2013 has a different one wonderful Naqsh prints pattern that has shaken all the major design shows. Top models are wearing such prints strolling on the runway with delightful and striking looks. Naqsh prints are currently the most smoking pattern of the year. There are unrestricted prints in Naqsh prints. It is upon you either you like light prints or dull prints. From suits to palazzos, sacks to grips, you can find such embellishments in these prints. They are striking and engaging.


The To Do List:

  • Young ladies assuming that you are wearing feathered creatures prints then attempt to wear light colors in fowl prints. It will look cool in summers.
  • Attempt to wear plain shade trousers or tights with feathered creature printed shirts, tops or gowns. It will give a sleek look.
  • Assuming that you are wearing Naqsh Prints then tights will be the best alternative for you to wear it.