Fashion is not something that exists only within dresses but the women’s whole flair is the language of elegance! Hairstyles, dresses,  high heels, perfumes, makeup so and so on. All these things are the part of fashion. One more thing, that is emerging from past few years under the flag of fashion, is NAIL ART. Young ladies! spare a little time to fashion your nails with striking nail art designs. This post is going to share some latest and cool  ideas to make your nails glow.

A girl should be two things: Fabulous and Classy -Coco chanel

You can compliment your outfit by adding gorgeous effects to your nails. On the hurried occasions these ideas will work awesome hopefully. The following are the most frequent events people hit across.

Eid ideas

Currently the holy occasion of Eid is just around the corners. Ladies want to look pretty on Eid. Funky colors are in fashion now a days  so pick any of these and put it on.




Birthday ideas

Birthday Eh! Birthday parties are the most common among people. A girl may bang her  birthday blast if she adopt this idea.


Wedding  Ideas

Wedding, the most precious event of girl’s life. Bride can add beauty to its platinum looks by this cute nail art.


Prom Ideas

Here present a vibrant and glittery idea for prom night party.


Independence day Ideas

Independence day special nail art design to make you feel liberty.


Christmas ideas

“Marry Christmas”  The  Holy occasion of Christians… Girls can adopt it on Christmas to spark the event.



Easter ideas

Another event of Christians, Easter is a peaceful event so add this cool piece of nail art to your beauty.



These are some highlighted events to ones life but the fashion is not specific to occasions. Many of us have to do this in their leisure time so nail art is a good activity for getting rid of boredom as well.