NADRA being one of the best known, authentic and reliable registrations Authority of Pakistan, is keeping its track well with the advancement in technology and for further convenience of people; it has provided us with new and well grounded verification procedures. Now you can save yourself the trouble of visiting NADRA Head Office for requires inquiry.

The most commonly known verification procedure among them is ‘’verify through text message’’. Here we’ll be providing you with five of the most concrete and valid procedures to verify your computerized issued CNIC to avoid any fraudulent copying by bringing in transparency, validation, elimination of counterfeiting, fraud and forgery.

 CNIC Verification Procedure

This tool will help you search and verify the National Identity Cards database. One can now verify His/Her CNIC or of any person via SMS by entering their CNIC number without dashes and sending it to 7000. You will get the name and father’s name of that particular person in reply. The name sent to you is in Urdu fonts, so make sure that your cell support Urdu language coding. It will charge you Rs. 10 plus tax per single message (Rs. 12 including tax)

Nadra CNIC Card Verification via SMS


Though as far as your security issues are concerned, not to mention that this thought might or must have crossed through one’s mind; that this will lead people to invade someone’s privacy and could use the given information for any faulty or fraudulent activity.  If we really consider it, that might turn out to be a major security loop hole but here is what you need to know: a good news that is, it only provides name of the CNIC card holder and his/her father’s name. No other contact details are shared or leaked. Now, it sounds safe, a big relief. Isn’t it? Besides upon testing it fulfilled our presupposition.

And yes not only general public or citizens but the law-enforcement departments can also use this service to their heavy advantage. They have a separate code but the same procedure to get the information. They will be supposed to send an SMS to 7001.

Nadra CNIC Card Verification via SMS

This information is granted to the users in collaboration with cellular companies which would collect data by communicating in real time with NADRA. The data transfer is secure and the numbers 7000 and 7001 are described as special numbers.

At the moment this service is only available for Mobilink, Telenor and Warid users while Ufone and Zong are working out its way to get listed.

NADRA is collaborating with law-enforcement agencies and govt. to implement and cope up with prevailing law and order situation against frauds and other such activities. This indeed is a good initiative as it will support telecom infrastructure as a big advancement and will led others to bring these sort of changes and revolutions. Many other headways are on the roll but still a BIG job is to be done.