Have you ever thought that What are Mood Swings & their Reasons? Mood swings are defined as Emotions and Fluctuations in moods. During these people facial expressions change drastically in their life, some are bad and some are good for them. The term “mood swing” is used to describe the emotional terms and it’s also a kind of reactions. These emotional terms and reactions are different in gender because of the multiples reasons. Some are discussed below:mood swings

Hormonal Changes 

Mood swings are observed in the women because changes in their hormones. Each woman has her own unique way of expressing her emotions, stress and environmental behavior. So every woman has her own experience. But symptoms of mood swings are common in woman. On the other hand, men also face the different situations in their lives. They spend most of their time outside the home and they handle a lot of difficult things. So in that case, their moods are fluctuated in a very easy way. But most important part of this mood swings is when men comes to  home having a bundles of tensions and workloads and their wives don’t shower her love and care on him e.g. if they does not get freshly cooked food, clean dress etc. This effects their mood the most.mood depressed The intensity and gravity of different relations are also effected by your changing mood swings. When you are in a romantic link your moods are different from those when you are vulnerable. This may have very bad impact on your relations. This is also a part of the stress. There are a lot of kinds of stress:

  • workloads
  • study stress
  • health problems

These all stresses can directly effect on your mood showing the different aspects of the life. Due to the stress most of the people show their arrogance through their behavior. Basically person’s behavior is the basic tool to showing the mood swings.

moods in relationships

As mentioned earlier hormonal imbalance in women is the major cause of mood swings. Experts also point out that mood disturbance may be caused by menopause symptoms. Women face a lot of problems like home stress, hormonal changes, sleep problems, hot flashes etc. These directly effect on her mood and emotions.

I am sure this article will help you gain knowledge about varying mood swings. And if you experience them next time, you will be able to figure out the reason for it.