Brief introduction about the brand:

Molly Brown London’s main focus is beauty because they want to make the jewelry for every girl and woman. Females appreciate beauty and want to make them beautiful as well. Primarily makeup is used to look presentable and then the jewelry acts as the cherry on the top. Molly Brown London presents a fine jewelry collection of unparalleled style and loveliness. This collections presents a complete range of sophisticated, feminine bracelets and necklaces  in sterling silver, gold, cultured pearls, diamond and gemstones. Anniversary gifts, birthday jewelry and romantic jewelry to treasure as well as a fine collection of elegant staples and basic classics.

Molly brown London is an award winning brand of children jewelry. This is simple jewelry brand that can be worn and loved forever. In Molly Brown company advantage is given to their customers that you can design your own molly brown necklace with our exquisite array of charms made from sterling silver and colorful enamels. Choose your necklace in sterling silver or freshwater pearls to create a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Small Molly Brown Bracelet:

The small signature bracelet from molly brown London is an oval and round link sterling silver charm bracelet with heart shaped links at 13 CMS, 15 CMS and 17 CMS, making the bracelet adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. A perfect way to start a girl’s jewelry collection which can make girls looks more beautiful and charming. Trendy jeweler including bracelets, lockets, rings etc. As you know is in fashion these days and women of every age group are crazy for jewelry. As the occasion of Eid is coming, so for sure, women and girls must be running after the jewelers along with the tailors to get their things ready by time. Let’s have a brief look on the collection. Also visit their Official Website for details.